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Living to Sell

One of our very dear client’s came to us to assist in making a house feel more like their home.  There was one catch- it was on the market for sale. “So”, I said, “we are staging this house?”  “No”, my client replied, “we want to make this house feel like home until it does sell.” Ok, so we are not staging this home, it is on the market, we are simply making this beautiful house a home to live in for however long that may be.  I can deal with that.  So we began the process of working with pieces that they had and started building a plan to make the house feel like home that their family could enjoy until it did sell.

The house has such charm.  Situated on a quaint spot on Lake Woodlands with a beautiful backdrop right outside the back door. The floorplan has a split living and dining when you walk in- the perfect area for a stunning but comfortable place for the family to gather.

The Exterior view of the home from the lake:

*Professional Photos courtesy of Mike Seder Remax


The Living Room before:

The Dining Room before:

The study before:

The feel of the house had to incorporate the family’s love of the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and their love for Texas, while also working with the Mediterranean style architecture. We had to make smart decisions regarding permanent changes since the house is after all on the market, and has been for quite a while.  We decided to keep the main paint the same, and change out some other room’s paint to be more neutral.  We decided to embrace the existing light fixtures.

After formulating a plan, we had to get to work right away as there was an upcoming family party we had to get ready for. (in 2 weeks!)  We began searching for just the right pieces.  Sometimes a tight deadline is just a good thing.  It forces you to not linger and not waffle on making decisions.  We found gorgeous rugs, practical but beautiful seating and accessories that tell a story.

The install was great- 2 days of hard work, but all worth it.


The Living After:

*Professional Photos courtesy of Mike Seder Remax

Warm tones set the stage for a comfortable but beautiful room.  The couple’s son’s wedding portrait was the centerpiece of the room to build around.  Over scaled, large iron wall candle sconces flanked a beautiful oil painting over a tufted linen-look sofa. A traditional tray coffee table is graced with a box shaped like a fox.  A large, incredible real fig tree brings the outdoors in, growing happily in an oversized terracotta pot.

The Dining After:

*Professional Photos courtesy of Mike Seder Remax

The large buffet tables the couple had are met with an inlaid wood dining table with iron accented base that can be expanded to seat 12.  Nail headed suede chairs in chocolate, spice and gold damask warm the space nicely with a beautiful hand knotted wool rug.  A four-paneled over scaled art collage balances the room over the buffet tables. 

The Study After:

Professional Photos courtesy of Mike Seder Remax

The existing hide rug is enhanced with a patterned rug underneath.  A writing desk with leather and fabric mixed desk chair make for a nice place to work.  The numerous bookshelves hold many family photos and mementos, along with pops of beautiful and rustic accessories.  The family’s scrabble board holds a special place on the shelves, along with their father’s antique violin and a vintage camera.  Long horns, a special deer head and antique maps grace the walls.                                                                                                                         

The family’s party went off without a hitch, and all was great.  Two weeks later, guess what… the house has had an offer made on it and is now under contract! Bittersweet, but I am happy for our client and their upcoming adventure with their next home!

-Nancy Charbonneau, Allied ASID  Principal, Woodlands Fabrics & Interiors